Muscle Cars: 1970 Dodge Challenger by Priscilla

Panther Pink (FM3) - An Original Factory Color

My dad had a 1973 Plymouth Road Runner 340 when I was born. I became very attached to this car. Unfortunately, my dad sold it when I was little. So, I KNEW I had to get my very own Mopar Muscle Car.

In 2001, I found this 1970 Dodge Challenger on eBay from New Mexico. The car was a nice driver, and had a 400 c.i. Although, I don't see my car as a show car (I prefer to drive it), I started getting invited to show my car at local car shows. I agreed to show it at shows that were for a good cause. I showed it (the way it was) for about two years, along with the life size Pink Panther doll that came with the car. I named the car 'Layla,' after the song that is from the same year. The 1970 Dodge Challenger is known as "The Pink Panther" around town.

In September 2003, "Layla" was on hiatus from car shows for a year and a half, because my dad and I had the car repainted. We took the 1970 Dodge Challenger apart, and put it back together. Also, took out the 400 c.i. (since that was not available in 1970 on the Challenger) and replaced it with a 1968 440 c.i. It was a father-daughter project that I am very proud of, and will never part from it. It's my baby. I have learned about cars from hanging around my dad (since I was little) when he worked on them. He taught me how to troubleshoot for different things that could be wrong on a car, and also taught me various things to maintain a car. Now, we are working on another project, which was my first car: 1969 Dodge Charger. We have two more 1969 Dodge Chargers waiting in line for restoration, after mine is done.

1970 Dodge Challenger Specs: 1968 440 Magnum (estimated 425 hp), Bored 0.30 over, Dana 60, 3.55 gears, 284/484 Mopar Purple Cam, 10 to 1 Compression, B&M Shift kit, Glass Pack exhaust (which sounds tough). The color is called Panther Pink. It is an Original Factory Hi-Impact Color that was only available in the Spring of 1970 and 1971. The 1970 Dodge Challenger was made in Los Angeles, California. Can't give you it's best time, since I have yet to take it down the track (one day, I will)! And, to add a classic rock touch, it has a Led Zeppelin License Plate Holder.

I have won over 20 trophies. Most notable: Best Car That Stands Out (chosen out of 100 cars), Cars' Pick (chosen out of 50 entries), Ladies Choice, Best Mopar. I still show my 1970 Dodge Challenger from time to time, but prefer to just take it out on a nice Saturday drive to Niftee 50ees, which is a local Cruise-In for 1979 and Older Cars.

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