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Crash / Dent Repairs

The basic function of a paint & body shop is to perform repairs that are the result of accidents or vandalism. Working closely with the insurance companies, we can relieve some of the stress that goes along with these mishaps. As for your car, we can repair the damage using quality factory parts and only the highest quality paints with expert color matching. And not only can we restore a damaged car to original, but we can also improve on its appearance as in this customers Corvette. The original color was popular then, but this is now. Plus the new look is like having a brand new car!

Minor Restorations

Is your car mechanically sound, but out of tune when it comes to paint fade? Do what this customer did! It ran strong, interior was like new, he liked the color, but it was just faded. With the addition of a bulging hood, it felt like a new car at a fraction of the cost! We can do the same for your automobile.

A minor restoration is when the original factory paint has faded. There is no cracking or peeling, so it may not be necessary to strip off the old paint. Perhaps some small dings, dents, and scratches. Most of the time, this would not include door jambs. However, during color changes you may wish to consider this.

Major Restorations

A Major Restoration is usually preferred by somebody who really loves their car. This car may be a classic and could be worth a lot more when brought back to its showroom condition or just a car with cracking and peeling paint.

This process usually involves stripping all the old paint off, right down to the bare metal or fiberglass. In some cases, as with classics, we take the body off the chassis. This is called a "frame-off" restoration and can generally add value to the automobile. During this procedure, the frame and suspension is also painted.

A major restoration for classics and show vehicles most always include wet sanding. If you were to look at most paint jobs, even brand new cars, you'll see a rough texture to it, yet it feels smooth. That's referred to as "orange peel" in this industry. Although our "sprayed" finish is usually equal to or better than the factory finish, we still recommend wet-sanding and buffing. This procedure flattens the paint giving you that mirror-like, wet-paint looking gloss. It is a longer more costly procedure, but well worth it. Especially if you plan on entering auto shows for competition.

Custom Creations

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you tired of pulling up to the stop light with another car just like yours in the next lane? All vehicles are stripped down to the bare metal or fiberglass. Custom ground effects or body panels can be molded in for a smooth fit. The bodies are then prepped and block sanded. After the color coats, stripes, or any other custom designs are applied, each vehicle is then clear coated for that deep glossy finish. With a final wet sanding and buffing, you're ready for the show circuit! There are many possibilities, see the

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