Automobile Industry

Change In Recent Years Related To Automobile Industry

Change is the law of nature, and everything is exposed to change with the transience of time. Our body grows old with time, the technologies evolve, and the world becomes a better place. So is the case with the automobile industry, where the manufacturers are in the race of developing cheap and the best cars. If you are looking the most advanced vehicles which come with a serious price tag, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Is Hybrid Car Any Better Than Electric Car?

What is a hybrid car? If the car utilises more than one form of onboard energy to achieve its propulsion, it is termed a Hybrid Car, but an electric car is supplied power from electrical sources. Hence an electric car is a non-polluting vehicle.

The advantage to the People with the Low Financial Position

The cost of automobiles is still higher to be purchased by the people from the lower section of the society. The people with low financial resources struggle to get with the car. Their dream is to get the car, not the highly developed car. The car prices should be dragged down such that they can think to afford the one.

Everything has its pros and cons; thus, choosing between buying a vehicle for you is a decision that each one has to make depending on one’s convenience, needs and cost.

New list of technologies

Here is a list of new technologies which will enhance your knowledge.

    • Driverless cars

Driverless cars are now a reality, and after lots of trial and error attempts, they are ready to take over the market. The latest prototype has the necessary features similar to a normal car like brakes, steering and headlights. In addition, they have a self-driving system fitted into SUVs and has sensors and computers installed in them.

    • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Derived from Formula 1, AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) is an electro-hydraulic mechanism used to automate manual transmission. It has an electronic system and a hydraulic system, and they both have complementary uses. Engaging and disengaging an electronic actuator does the clutch and gear, and the whole process is initiated by electronic transmission control. For the pleasure of drivers, it has a sports mode and allows drivers to move to manual shifting of gear, allowing shifting of gear to increase and decrease gear ratios with plus and minus via gear knob. Joystick or the steering.

    • V2V Communications

This technology is a revolutionary idea in the field of traffic management and accident control. V2V allows vehicles to communicate and prevent crashes by exchanging safety data like position and speed to ensure safety. “Ad hoc network” is used in the technology and allows every car to talk to other cars and share status. V2V is also called VANET (vehicular ad hoc network) and is a variation of MANET (mobile ad hoc network).

The technology is getting upgraded with every moment, and now it has become a race in the automobile industry to set trends and get the highest buyers. In auto expos, companies flaunt their achievements and attract customers. So be updated and buy the latest and the best car.